Partners in Inclusive Child Care and Education (PICCE)

Goals and Core Principles

The primary intent of the PICCE Project is to enhance and reinforce earlier training efforts by focusing on follow-up technical assistance and coaching. Communities that propose new training efforts must show how follow-up and coaching activities will be ensured.

The PICCE Project is based upon the following two principles, both supported by research and practice experience:

  1. Inclusion training must be based upon a foundation of high quality, developmentally appropriate practice in childhood care and education; and
  2. Each child brings a unique set of abilities and needs to a child care setting. Therefore, training must be coordinated with follow- up resources that help providers meet the specific, individual needs of children in their care.

The TRAC curriculum meets the criteria of the first core principle. The curriculum begins with training in the foundations of developmentally appropriate practice. Inclusion values, knowledge and skills are embedded throughout the training curriculum. Consistent with the second principle, it is not the intent of the PICCE Project to support a "stand alone" training opportunity. Rather, the project seeks to coordinate TRAC training with individualized follow-up support and technical assistance provided by TRAC trainers and coaches.

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